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Advertise to British Asian Desis at Bollywood Chat

Bollywood Chat is a highly recognisable brand amongst young Desi people. It is particularly famous amongst young British Asians. Ask random young Asian Desis on UK streets “Have you heard of Bollywood Chat?” the chances are they will say “YES!” Its popularity has spread virally over the years. According to Google in November 2011 “Bollywood Chat” was more than six times as likely to be searched for than “Asian Chat” in the UK. This shows the strength of our chat brand.

Bollywood Chat Site Stats

  1. Number 1 position in Google for the phrase “Bollywood Chat”.
  2. 25,732 people visited Bollywood Chat in July 2011.
  3. 887,095 people visited Bollywood Chat between 25th October 2007 and 25th October 2011.
  4. 82% of these visitors were from the United Kingdom.
  5. According to is overall the 5th most popular online UK Asian destination.

Benefits of Advertising on Bollywood Chat

If you rent ad space from us for £200 per month, this is the equivalent of spending just over 1p per person to become aware of your brand! And we are offering ad space that is even cheaper than that! This is clearly a no-brainer. Make the most of this great marketing opportunity and contact us today! advertise @

Advertising with us will increase brand awareness of your organisation, services or products amongst young UK Desi Asians. Advertise across our web site or selectively target your advertising to a more specific group. Advertise with us and through affiliation you could make your brand as recognisable as ours. Increase brand awareness and increase your brand's credibility.

What can Bollywood Chat offer you?

We have created a flexible Ads system, offering a range of advertising and sponsorship options to suit different requirements and varying budgets.

Advertising Rates and Guidelines

Please contact us with your requirements to recieve a quote: advertise @

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