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Chat Room Etiquette

Last modified: 8th November 2011

How to behave properly when communicating with a group of chatters in a public chat room.

Public Chat Room Etiquette

  1. When you log in for the first time greet and introduce yourself to everyone in the room
  2. Be polite to others
  3. Give the other chatters a chance to answer you
  4. Don’t spam the chat room with ASCII art, questions, statements or links
  5. Don’t type in all CAPS as it comes across as SHOUTING. No one likes a loud mouth
  6. If you wish to PM someone ask them first if they are already chatting in the public chat room
  7. Don’t join a chat room and leave without saying something. It’s considered rude

Guidelines & Help

Chat Room Etiquette
Private Chat Etiquette

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