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Chat Rules

Last modified: 6th November 2011

Why have Rules?

We have outlined the following rules of conduct so that the chat rooms are a welcoming and a pleasant place to be for everyone that participates. Breaking these rules spoils it for everyone.

The Chat Commandments

  1. DO NOT swear or use profanities
  2. DO NOT use excessive ASCII art (the use of letters and symbols to draw pictures) to flood the room
  3. DO NOT scroll that chat room with blank lines of text
  4. DO NOT flood the room
  5. DO NOT flood the room with sound alerts
  6. DO NOT threaten, harass, annoy or stalk other users
  7. DO NOT repeat the same message.
  8. DO NOT repeat the same message.
  9. DO NOT repeat the same message. Annoying isn’t it?
  10. DO NOT impersonate other people particularly members of the Bollywood Chat team
  11. DO NOT be racist, discriminate against someone’s sexuality, insult someone’s religion, beliefs or culture
  12. DO NOT discriminate against anyone on any basis
  13. DO NOT create rooms with names that would be considered illegal or offensive
  14. DO NOT create rooms which could be perceived to be official chat rooms
  15. DO NOT create usernames which include profanities or which may offend
  16. DO NOT advertise in the chat rooms. If you’re interested in advertising on Bollywood Chat see our Advertising page
  17. DO NOT use “BOTs” or other automated chatting scripts
  18. DO NOT become nude, flash private parts or dress immodestly during a webcam session
  19. DO NOT send private messages to Admin or Moderators without permission
  20. DO NOT shout at other chatters by using excessive CAPITAL letters
  21. DO NOT share your email address, website address or mobile phone number in the public chat room
  22. DO NOT treat people any different to how you would treat them if you met them in person on the street, in a bar or club. People are people and we all have a right to be treated with respect
  23. DO NOT give out other people’s contact details e.g. mobile phone number. This is harassment.
  24. DO NOT post personal insults or accusations against another person
  25. DO NOT post libellous or defamatory comments
  26. DO NOT insult persons, ideas or things considered sacred by other people
  27. DO NOT post anything concerning an ongoing or pending trial
  28. DO NOT infringe on someone else’s copyright
  29. DO NOT engage in online bullying
  30. DO NOT use these chat rooms to plan or organise anything illegal

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